4 Reasons and 4 Affordable Tips for Your School Tour

Last updated: Feb 13th, 2023

Are school trips a good idea? Can they be cost-effective? Well, here are 4 reasons and 4 affordable tips for your school tour.

And we know your field trips are an important part of your curriculum. But we also understand high-quality school trips that educate students and build lifelong memories come at a cost.

So, we’ve spoken with our specialist tour planning team to get 4 reasons and 4 affordable tips for your school tour.

Read on for more. 

Your Class Working Together


School bonds can last a lifetime, and taking students on a school trip enhances that connection as being out of the classroom creates an encouraging space for pupils to interact.


Whilst outside, new relationships are formed and each student sees the benefits. And the results are often increased academic, social and personal development of students.


Plus, our quality itineraries boast excursions to increase that on-tour link. Just ask when contacting us and we’ll be happy to chat in-depth about the possibilities.

Two students work together on the steps of Menin Gate in 4 Reasons and 4 Affordable Tips for Your School Tour

Term-Time Travel

Term time travel is a great way to save, with one source showing that in 2019, 9 out of 10 flights were dearer during school holidays.

And because of our positive relationships with a number of airlines, we can help to reduce those transport costs. However, a term-time tour will boost those savings even further!

Plus, excursions whilst on tour might be reduced too.

So, travelling outside the school holidays could be a real win for you, your students and their parent’s pockets.

Confidence Booster


Stepping out into the world without their parents is a big move for your students.  Plus, it strengthens their emerging self-reliance and gives the chance for outdoor learning. Also, it spurs them on to ask questions, listen to lessons and engage with on and off-tour learning.


And when asking those questions, they’ll likely be with our expert Field Study Tutors or History Tour Guides. So, you can be certain the answer they receive will be one full of fact and experience.

Boy smiles with instrument in hand in image on blog 4 Reasons and 4 Affordable Tips for Your School Tour

Raising Funds

It wasn’t long ago we sat down with a fascinating bunch of concert tour party leaders to get some top tips for planning a music tour – and one of our favourites was fundraising!

There are a number of ways to raise funds, with some proven ones  in a handy list below:

  • Cake sales
  • Car washes
  • Car booting
  • Sponsored walks

Creating a activity like this helps pupils build relationships within the group, understand a fundraising program and helps develops their social skills with external parties.

Engagement by Exploration


Not every classroom helps the individual or collective education, so exploring the world gives your students a new learning stream.


They’ll connect with ancient natural wonders on our geography tours, gets hands on with past times in our history trips, become linguistically savvy with our language forays or even reach new worlds in our inspiring scientific adventures.


Also, there are plenty of of themed tours for we can layer together. So, you can include science with language, history with culture or any other number of combinations appropriate for your class.

School tour hikes a glacier on an image in the blog 4 Reasons and 4 Affordable Tips for Your School Tour

Booking Far In Advance

Booking far in advance is another big win when thinking of a cost-effective trip. Giving parents longer to save, it also allows affordable monthly payment plans.

Also, early tour reservations mean you’ll probably have your pick of hotels and flights, with them probably being cheaper too. And because we’re ABTA bonded and ATOL licensed, you can be sure your funds are protected.

Social, Emotional and Academic Development


When on tour, your class are encouraged to build new friendship groups, understand their own emotions and get hands-on with educational content only found in the field.


Also, as one of the founding members of the School Travel Forum (STF) as well as a part of the Learning Outside of the Classroom Quality Badge (LOtC), we know how to centre tours on your students’ social, emotional and academic development.

A student reads out a WWI story from an image on blog 4 Reasons and 4 Affordable Tips for Your School Tour

Including As Many Students As Possible

Including as many students as possible is another approach we recommend. With a coach or hotel full of students, it decreases the total cost for each individual. Also, because the final number to pay is lower, the amount of the monthly payments reduces for the person paying for the trip.

But what if we only have so many students on your tour?

Well, our experienced team advise joining up with another class, department, or even school for cross curricular trips to boost those physical numbers and lower those monetary ones.

Plus, if your geography trip teams-up with a history class for example, we can plan a blended tour of earth and historical learning, like our combined visit of Rome and the Bay of Naples. 

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School touring is an exceptional way to build student confidence, develop them in several ways as well as watch them achieve success by working together.

But we’ve also included some great tips for making your tour that much more affordable.

So, if you want to know more on how to make your educational trip happen and the student benefits it entails, we’ll be happy to help.