What Makes Visiting the Eden Project on a School Trip so Good?

Last updated: Feb 13th, 2023

For education on geography, sustainability and much more, we asked what makes visiting the Eden Project on a school trip so good?

So, read on.

Natural World Exploration

To start, it’s easy to see why the exhibit in southern Cornwall is called ‘The Eighth Wonder of the World’. Which is why, the British Travel Awards named Eden the Best UK Leisure Attraction for 5 straight years.

Also, it includes plant-life from every corner of the globe. So, there’s Mediterranean hillsides, North American prairies and wildflower meadows to explore. And that’s only a handful of exotic exhibits on offer.


What’s more, Eden also run special events throughout the year. Just ask our in-the-know Geography team for details.

A view of The Eden Project from outside

Plants & Gardens

Further, at over 30 football pitches big, there’s an abundance of plants and gardens to see. And being the first step in the sustainable pyramid, they are vital to our lives. So, Eden has countless types of flora in indoor as well as outdoor gardens or biomes.


Plus, they’re also the home to the National Wildflower Centre, which gives wildflowers a new focus in UK culture.

A river running through the Rainforest section of The Eden Project

A field of red tulips at The Eden Project gardens

Tunnel of Love Exhibition

Another captivating exhibit, the Tunnel of Love is a colourful and fun space for care-free learning. Also, there are planet-friendly tips included in fairground games to help your students see how they can be greener.

A person enjoying a skyline zipline

Hangloose Activities

With an added cost, you can get lost in activities like SkyWire, SkyTrek, Gravity, and much more.

The Core

Beautiful and eye-catching, the Core architecture peaks above the outdoor gardens of the Eden Project.


And it houses the Invisible World exhibition, which gives insights into a world outside of what we can see, smell or touch. Also, your students will discover invisible lifeforms and systems which are interconnected with everything we do.


A picture of the giant acorn inside 'The Core' at The Eden Project

Mediterranean Biome

Here, you can immerse your pupils in the iconic bubble shaped Mediterranean Biome.


Full of thriving plant and tree life, your school trip will be transported to gardens from Western Australia, South Africa, Greece, Italy, Spain and California. Plus, they’ll be inspired by vistas, scents and stories from all over the Med.


It’s a one of many purpose-built education centres on this former mine ideal for your school trip.

A view from inside the Mediterranean Biome at The Eden Project

Rainforest Biome

The second half of the recognisable ballon-esque structure, the Rainforest Biome explores tropical jungles from South-East Asia to West Africa and South America.


With over 1,000 plant types, you can see this landscape with the canopy walkway – giving your class a unique view on how rainforests support us all.


Plus, there’s groves of rubber as well as cacao trees, sugar cane, bananas, a waterfall and a spice market waiting to be explored.

A view from inside the Rainforest Biome at The Eden Project


And as an eco-attraction, the project prides itself on sustainability. Which is why, your school trip can focus learning on the schemes in place reinforcing this message, like both the biomes and the Outdoor Gardens.


And there’s the Eden Geothermal Energy Project to include in your visit too, with the vision to produce enough power for 7000 homes by 2025.


Eden is a place for students to explore one of the most relevant subjects in the public consciousness right now. So, speak with our team on how we can arrange relevant exhibits to be included in your visit.

A view from the fields outside The Eden Project biomes

Great School Trips Include the Eden Project

A fascinating, educational and awe-inspiring enterprise in the Cornish landscape, we’ve listed some of the most stand-out things that make the Eden Project a great place to visit on your school trip.

And with over 55 years experience in organising tailor-made world-class tours for schools, we here at Rayburn Tours have come to know what makes a great educational trip.

So, if you want even more, please call or email us. Or, if you want to see how the Eden Project can be fit seamlessly into your Cornwall school tour, click here.

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