Helpful & Practical Clothing Tips for Your Students on their First-Time Battlefield Tour

Last updated: Dec 22nd, 2023

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming two of our towering History Tour Guides to Rayburn, Trevor Booker and Tony Smith, for a few days talking about all things history.

It was insightful, impactful and full of practical tips for our team to enhance your student’s battlefield experiences.

To maximise your students’ comfort and enjoyment, they shared some incredibly helpful tips on the best clothing to wear when visiting in the colder and wetter months.

From the top down, an easy and actionable list for your pupils to read is below.


‘I was out on a tour once and a student came out in a t-shirt and by the end of the site visit, he was drenched and shivering.’

Tony Smith, History Tour Guide


The Essentials Packing Guide for YOUR trip to the Battlefields


Woolly Hat

You might not want to wear a hat for a number of reasons, but it’s a solid start to keeping you warm and engaged when visiting the battlefields.

They keep your hair dry, your head warm and it can usually live in your pocket too! A really easy way to keep the chills at bay.


Scarf & Gloves

Going in the colder months? Then a scarf and gloves are a brilliant addition to your wardrobe. Focus is key and if any part of your body starts to absorb the cold, it can be a real downer. Trust us, as soon as your fingers freeze, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else.

Our favourite gloves have fingertips that interact with smart phones too. Meaning you can still use them to take photos (if your teacher gives permission, obviously).



Next on the rack is a jumper. Factor in the time of year you’re going and pack a thinner or heftier one! Stack it with t-shirts or long-sleeved tops to give yourself a real foundation of bodily warmth.

Layers are key, and jumpers keep your core body temperature in a comfortable place. So you won’t be shivering on that open, windy and cold battlefield.

Plus, if you get too warm, you can always take it off and stash it in your backpack (more on that later).

Weatherproof Trousers

Damp or cold or battered-by-the-wind legs could spell the end of your concentration and comfort. You can get affordable pairs too which just pull over your regular leg wear, giving you an extra layer of warmth protection as well.

They also help prevent your trousers, jeans or joggers from getting dirty or wet too!


Weatherproof Jackets or Coats

The BIG one. Weatherproof jackets or coats that resist the wind, the cold and the wet are HUGE in creating a toasty area of warmth for your body. This is your essential bit of kit.

Get a waterproof number which is also designed to repel the cold as once your core starts to shiver, it can be a total game-over to get back on track.

Weatherproof jackets or coats equal warmth and dryness. Winner!

Weatherproof Shoes or Boots

Last but by no means least is a pair of sturdy shoes or boots!

Battlefields can often be muddy and sludgy, so your prized trainers won’t stand up to the ground. Weatherproof shoes or boots take away all that worry and help save your box fresh white trainers too.


A Couple Nice to Haves Too!

A sturdy backpack and refillable water bottle are super useful too.

Backpacks store your extra clothes and lunches – meaning you have a handy place to stash items over the course of a day as well as a convenient place for your lunch (which will help you save on buying food too).

Also, most memorials have places to access water. So having a refillable water bottle sees you saving on costs and staying hydrated. #WaterWin.


Ready to Combat Those Elements on Your First Battlefield Tour?

There you go! Short, snappy and full of quick bites of helpful information, we hope this blog is of use to your students in what to pack for your upcoming battlefields tour.

If you’re looking to plan a battlefield tour and don’t know where to start, then call or email us and we can get one of our Tour Consultants, who love a good chat about all things history and battlefield, to contact you.

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