Discover the Iconic Stade de France on Your School Sports Tour

Last updated: Jun 4th, 2024

If you want your class to get to the heart of French and world sports, there’s no better place than the iconic Stade de France.

A venue for football and rugby world cups as well as this summer’s Olympics and Paralympics, the national stadium breathes sporting moments like Rayburn perfectly craft school sports tours.

Here’s what your class will discover at France’s sporting core, all with the help of RT booking you on the experience.

Students walk in the stands of Stade de France on a Rayburn Tour Sports Tour.

Football Moments

School Football Tours to France wouldn’t be complete without a tour of the country’s national football stadium. It’s hosted 3 Champions League Finals, the 2016 Euro final, and was permanently etched into footballing history by hosting the 1998 World Cup final, where France lifted their first World Cup.

That means your students can follow in the footsteps of legendary players and teams who have graced those hallways. Take in the unique architecture, see the dressing rooms, walk down the tunnel, and be led by an expert tour guide full off special footballing stories.

Our school football tours build on that whilst also providing the perfect setting to explore France, with chances to visit cultural hotspots in Paris as well as your school team playing against competitively matched local sides.


Football Tours to France

Rich in Rugby

Maybe you’re looking for a School Rugby Tour with that added slice of special? You probably know all about the unique connection the Stade de France has with rugby as it’s hosted 3 Rugby Union World Cups, making it one of only two stadiums in the world to host both the football and rugby World Cup finals.

Your school and students can get up close to the same venue that’s hosted the greats of rugby, like Johnny Wilkinson, Jonah Lomu, and one of the best fly-halves ever in Dan Carter. Get in the stands, visit the presidential box, and truly get under the skin of this giant of rugby by taking a deep dive into its history by visiting the museum.

With our School Rugby Tours to France you’ll be able to easily do this and more! Rugby is one of France’s most popular sports and because we’ve been organising and planning trips there for years, it means we’ve got a trusted and deep network of contacts where we can take care of every last logistical detail.
Meaning you and your class can focus on enjoying the delights of a nation absolutely addicted to rugby.


School Rugby Tours to France


Seats of the Stade de France.


Olympics & Paralympics

Showcasing its central position in world sport, the Stade de France is also hosting Olympics and Paralympics events this summer.
All the rugby sevens will be played there as well as the finals of most track events, like the 100m and 200m sprints, showcasing how the stadium is an embodiment of France’s multi-sport nature.

This is why we also offer School Multi-Sports Tours to France because we know intimately how sometimes one sport just isn’t enough. You can include a combination of football, rugby, or netball, whichever suits you and your class.

Fantastic for keeping the costs down, it also draws other students onto your tour if you’re looking to bolster numbers, tapping into the sporting magic of your students seeing different sports, sharing stories, and generally growing as individuals and as a collective.


Multi-Sports Tours to France

Planned by Sporting Specialists

With your day-to-day teaching responsibilities to consider, we know getting your class and team together and organising a sports tour can be a stretch. That’s why we plan every detail of your sporting itinerary, so you don’t have to.

We take care of your accommodation, activities, and transportation, and use our invaluable network of contacts to plan competitive matches for your team against local sides in any of our vast array of destinations to choose from.

We live and breathe the sports we tailor tours for, and you’re in a safe and quality pair of hands when booking your sports tour with us.


School Sports Tours to France

The Stade de France is an absolute belter of a European venue, and we can slot behind-the-scenes tours to the national stadium on any of our sports tours to France.

If you’re looking for that unique sporting experience for you and your class, call or email us today.


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