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Orchestra on stage with a purple background performing at Disneyland® Paris with a conductor.

5 Tips and Tricks for your Disneyland® Paris Audition Video

You won't go wrong with these tips for your Disney video audition.
Choir leader of Fab Choir speaks with the crowd in Brewhemia.

First Time Performing at the Fringe – What to Expect

Want an insight into what the Scottish capital is like when you're performing there in Fringe? Check this out!
Two violinists and a cellist play in the street at Edinburgh Fringe 2023

The Many Varied & Talented Edinburgh Fringe Street Performers

The Scottish capital is bursting to the brim with outdoor performers in the month of August!
Royal Mile in Edinburgh Fringe

Edinburgh Fringe is More Accessible Than You Might Think 

Rising costs and it's huge popularity mean you might think Edinburgh Fringe is a challenge to get to. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how accessible it can be.
Bagpipers in military band perform at the Edinburgh Tattoo

The Edinburgh Tattoo – You’ve Never Seen or Heard Anything Like It!

Get ready to feel the electricity and the energy and the colour and the music, in what is the outstanding Edinburgh Tattoo!

Save Our Subjects: Where Did All Our Arts Go?

What can we do to build a brighter, creative future? Supporting the Save our Subjects campaign is a great start.

World Music Day 2023 – What is It and How Can You Get Involved?

Love music? Love enjoying it with others? And love it when whole countries dedicate public spaces for amateur and professional musicians alike? Then this is a day for you.
Music Begins: The Black American Musicians at the Start Poster Collection Collage

Six Ways to Teach 6 Musical Genres

Blues, jazz, soul, R&B, rock and roll and pop are classic musical genres. And here are introductory lessons on an aspect of each for your students.
UK Choir Festival

The UK Choir Festival Manchester 2023 is Back!

Your all singing extravaganza is back and better than ever! If you're looking for workshops, renowned choral leaders and inspiring choirs - this is the place to be!

Leading industry professionals share their top tips for choirs

It’s not often that you get to ask a group of music industry leading professionals for their top tips, so we were thrilled to get the opportunity to ask some of the UK’s best workshop leaders for...

Tips to get the go ahead on your next school music trip!

One of the first hurdles when planning a school music trip is getting the go ahead from the decision makers at your school – and we know this can sometimes be a long process. So to help you out...
concert tour

The world’s doors are reopening – and we’re ready…

In February 2020 we had groups and staff returning from a multitude of trips across Europe and beyond. Little did we know at that time what was about to hit us. The tidal wave that was a pandemic had...