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School Art Trips in France

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Full of bohemian soul and coastal beauty

From classic Parisian city scenes to enchanting rural villages, France offers a beautiful mix of urban edge and historic charm. Our school trips to France will take you off the beaten path and into the cultural heart of this enchanting country. Brimming with renowned cultural hotspots, significant historical sites and pretty maritime towns, not to mention an irresistible cuisine, France is nothing but perfection.

Cliffside view of the historic Normandy beach
la louvre
beach in Nice

Immerse your students in a thriving new art scene on an international school art trip, one of the best ways to inspire their creativity and enhance their theoretical understanding.

Your students will not only be able to develop their practical skills, but also appreciate the works of some of the world’s most influential artists. Whether you’re in the bohemian streets of Paris, the esteemed museums of Florence or the edgy neighbourhoods of Amsterdam, your students will be able to paint, sketch and draw on a whole new level on a school art trip.

From big-hitting galleries to urban graffiti-bedecked streets, we’ve hand-picked a range of destinations where the creative juices are always flowing. More into your photography? Head to Iceland to capture its spectacular natural beauties in all their glory.

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