Essaouira – Coastal Tourism

Essaouira – Coastal Tourism

Essaouira, a 3-hour drive or so west of Marrakech on the Atlantic Coast, offers a little seaside relaxation after the more ‘geography-packed’ days of your tour.

The beach is wide and vast and the town itself is truly charming. New colours will assail your eyes – no more pinks and beiges! White painted buildings with rich blue paintwork make it all feel very coastal. The narrow streets – lined with shops, markets and stalls – are fun to explore, with plenty of opportunities for haggling! A walk atop the strong sea wall defences is exhilarating with the pleasure of the refreshing sea breezes.

En route to Essaouira, areas of argan trees will be passed and you may even spot goats grazing within their branches! The argan fruit contains a nut, rich in argan oil. An optional stop can be made at an argan oil outlet to see the ladies processing the argan nuts into oils and pastes. This is simply a relaxing day out by the seaside.

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