In Douar Oulad Elgern – Village Life in a Developing Country

In Douar Oulad Elgern – Village Life in a Developing Country

Unique to Rayburn Tours, students can spend a day in the rural village of Douar Oulad Elgern for a truly unforgettable experience.

Only an hour away from the city, across the Marrakech Plain, they’ll learn about the daily life, get involved in the daily activities and interact with the welcoming and cheerful villagers. With pisé mud walls, the buildings are traditional, as are the lifestyles. Farming is the main village activity; mainly cereals, goats, sheep and cows.

After a glass of mint tea from the village’s welcoming tea master, students and teachers participate in the morning activities. Girls break off into small groups to spend the morning with different families to make bread or couscous and prepare vegetables, whilst the boys form small work parties to go to the well to fetch water (with a donkey!), assist in the making of charcoal and mud bricks and participate with the crafts people. Here they will understand the lives of these men and women and their distinctive roles, bringing the hardships spoken about in class to life.

All come together at lunchtime to eat in the salon, sharing stories about their day. Lunch is eaten the traditional way without cutlery, simply using your fingers! Much of the food is made by the group using ingredients from the village’s farms.

In the afternoon, the village can be explored with a guided stroll. The village now has an Association; hear about its organisation, its work and its proposed projects.

Global climatic change, urban and rural push/pull factors, traditional farming, contrasting cultures, diversity and living in an LEDC are all geographical issues that can be studied, understood and given context.

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