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The Most Popular Places to Visit Whilst on an Iceland School Trip

Blue Lagoon, Golden Circle Tour or the iconic Northern Lights are just waiting for you in the land of fire and ice. There’s more for you here too.

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Everything you need to know about the Northern Lights in Iceland!

What are the Northern Lights, where and when can I see them and what maximises my chances? And we’ve answered those Northern Lights questions for you!

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Free Teaching Resource: The Iceland Series

Our Iceland Series is designed to provide you with a wealth of practical aids to deliver geographical teaching on a range of hot topics at GCSE and A Level, using Iceland as an engaging case study. Unit 1 (Natural Hazards) and Unit 2 (Energy Resources) are downloadable and include teacher PowerPoints, quizzes and decision making exercises, classroom posters and more.


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4 Reasons and 4 Affordable Tips for Your School Tour

Are school trips a good idea? Can they be cost-effective? Well, here are 4 reasons and 4 affordable tips for your school tour.

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The extra member of your teaching team you didn’t know you needed!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of one of our Field Study Tutors accompanying your group on tour, then read on to find out why we think they would make an invaluable member of your on-tour teaching team.

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Discover 8 of The Most Infamous Icelandic Eruptions

From outbursts that grounded European travel to eruptions dropping the overall global temperature – your blog takes a look at the fire from the land of fire and ice.

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The Sustainability Hub

Ready to see our green wins and what we’re aiming to change to reduce our carbon footprint? Then check out your Sustainability Hub which shows what we’ve done so far and what’s coming next.

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The perfect insurance plan for schools.

The safety and security of our groups out on tour is, of course, our absolute priority, and Aviva have certainly come up trumps!

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