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Our new and improved Geography publication Explore is on its way! We have something different for you to get your hands on this year. You can sign up early to ensure you get your copy first using the form below.

We will also be updating this digital hub with all the helpful articles and links to destinations featured in this year’s edition of Explore.

What’s Inside?


Inspiring you to do something different, go on a real geographical adventure and find your perfect destination

Useful Articles

11 useful articles, blogs, webinars you won’t want to miss and FREE teaching resources

Amazing Destinations

We have highlighted 8 amazing geography destinations that are full of unforgettable experiences to engage your students

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Help your students to think like a Geographer.

Geographical issues are wide ranging, important and complex. Whilst what you do in the context of a classroom is extremely valuable, taking your students to new and exciting destinations can ignite a geographical passion which is hard to replicate in a classroom setting…

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Why going above and beyond is worth every minute.

I’m a full-time teacher, so what’s in it for me? Now that’s the burning question that will linger in your mind for all of a millisecond. It’s a question that is quickly quashed when you’ve ‘been there and done it’ so to speak…

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How to make a school trip more sustainable!

As geography teachers we face a dilemma. Taking our students out of the classroom has always been a fundamental ingredient of the geography education we provide. However, whilst we are all well aware of the benefits, we are also much more aware of the detrimental impact international travel can have on the environment…

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What Teachers & Students have to say about Iceland!

After an extended break from travel (for obvious reasons), we decided to not only survey teachers, but also ask the students. We surveyed our long-awaited February half term Geography trips to Iceland, where teachers and students gave us priceless feedback which was both informative and magical!

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The perfect insurance plan for schools.

The team at Rayburn have worked long and hard to find the right provider to be our travel insurance partner in2022 and beyond. The safety and security of our groups out on tour is, of course, our absolute priority, and Aviva have certainly come up trumps! We ventured in for a chat with Graham Meskell, our partnership link to AVIVA, and Kelly Wigley, Rayburn Tours Head of Operations and Customer Relations. And well, what can we say…who would have thought insurance could be quite so interesting?

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The Rayburn Machine

The production line to create your perfect tour!

Over the years, we’ve come to understand that when planning a tour you need one dedicated point of contact here at Rayburn Tours HQ. This contact knows your tour like the back of their hand and is there to answer any questions, help you keep on top of the tour admin and, ultimately, provide you with a first-class school trip. But they don’t do it alone!


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Upcoming FREE Webinars

Based on the success of our 2021 webinars launch, we will now be bringing a series of FREE webinars to schools and groups in 2022. Bringing together some of the best guest speakers in the industry to share their ideas and knowledge, and enhance your approach to some of the hot topics in schools including touring. We’ll come together with you to discuss, share and learn!

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Destination Selection

Our school geography trips allow your students to witness some of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders and better understand contemporary geographical challenges, incorporating elements of physical, human and environmental geography. Offering a wide range of destinations, we’ll take you off the beaten track and provide extra support with our specialist Field Study Tutors and award-winning study resources. Here is just a selection of our most popular destinations…