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Day three Munich Strathallan School

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

An early start today we left the hostel for a two hour coach trip to Nuremberg. Some of us enjoyed the opportunity to sleep after ice skating last night left us quite sore and tired! We arrived at the Nazi rally ground and were amazed by the sheer scale of the nazi ambition and architecture. It was spine chilling to stand on the podium where all those years ago hitler and his henchmen watched the thousands of troops and hitler youth regiments parade each year. We then moved on to the documentation centre with it’s amazing needle architecture entrance – puncturing the wounds of fascism. We spent three hours going round the terror and fascination exhibition before getting a tour with Jeff through Nuremberg town centre. We saw the court house where the Nuremberg trials of the nazi leaders were tried for war crimes and even the gym where they were hung! Today was an amazing and frightening insight into the third reich-we feel quite relieved to get back to the hostel tonight.