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Invicta Grammar School – Day 1: An early rise for Sorrento

Last updated: Jan 30th, 2019

A two thirty get up and we were on our way to Naples airport, ready to start our action-packed trip exploring Italy’s geographical treasures. Once landed we met with our driver Marco and headed straight for our first natural wonder – Solfatara, a shallow volcanic crater in the town of Pozzuoli.

Federica our guide led us through the jets of steam with sulfurous fumes and mud pools explaining the geographical phenomena and the believed medicinal benefits of breathing in the air and bathing in the mud.

Next stop was the Herculaneum; an ancient Roman town destroyed by Mount Vesuvius’ pyroclastic flows in 79AD, yet many of the ruins remain intact giving a sense for what life may have been like in the past. After a long day of travelling, we headed for the Hotel Giosue a Mare, a pretty little family run hotel overlooking the seafront.