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5 free streaming services that’ll get you through anything…

Last updated: Mar 27th, 2020

There are times when the TV’s quiet and there’s nothing binge-worthy on – and that’s when on demand streaming services really shine. Not only do they offer more variety, but you can watch as and when you please (yes, even on the toilet).


Simply download the app or stream straight from your:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Computer
  • Smart TV*

*Not got a Smart TV? Give your regular TV the same functionality through your Wi-Fi connection with the Google Chromecast (alongside your smartphone) or the Roku Smartstick. Other devices are available, these were just some of our faves. Please note that these services are only to be used if you currently pay a TV License.


So check out the 5 free streaming services that we need now more than ever…


Whether you love comedy, drama or documentaries, there’s plenty to choose from, both old and new. From Luther lovers and Fleabag fans, to Line of Duty devotees and MasterChef nuts, iPlayer’s got you covered. And it’s readily available at any time you please!

Paired with BBC iPlayer, ITV also offer a similar service with a range of different shows to watch, from hard-hitting dramas to laugh-inducing reality TV shows. And yes, that includes Love Island.

YouTube’s been going since 2005 and is the most popular video platform out there. Anyone and everyone is free to upload their own video content from around the world, meaning there’s nowhere on the web you’ll find more variety. Showing so much more than just funny cat videos and Minecraft hacks, you can get your fix of just about anything.

Comedies galore and dramas you can’t find elsewhere! UKTV has plenty of exclusive comedies to keep the spirits up in your household and enough dramas to get you through a box of tissues together.

Another service to give you even more options on what to watch next, Channel 4 also operate an on-demand service filled with reality TV shows, dramas, comedies and plenty of box set goodness!

More things to keep you entertained?