The Jewels of Andalusia: Granada, Malaga & Seville

Last updated: Dec 6th, 2023

Venture into the sumptuous world of Southern Spain, through historic landmarks, abundantly varied landscapes, sultry flamenco classes, enticing gastronomy and beautiful towns and cities – it’s the scintillating Andalusia!

And what better way to experience that with a trip to one (or all 3!) jewels in traditional Granada, the gateway Malaga and regional capital, Seville.

We’ve put all those attractive and stand out spaces into one blog. Take a look, we can chat after.

Cosily traditional with Moorish, Medieval vibes – it’s Granada


The Alhambra at Granada with the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the background

A stone’s throw from the region’s capital Seville stands Granada, the traditional city built on Moorish, medieval vibes and sitting right under some stunning rocky outcrops in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

From top to bottom this sparkling Spanish jewel characterizes old style Islamic architecture (we’re thinking the Alhambra – but there’s so much it makes you dizzy!). Entices with trendy, maze-like streets igniting adventure. Fulfils those feel-good dance moments with classic flamenco. And gives an edgy, youthful energy with gorgeous street art.

It might be smaller than Seville or Malaga, but it certainly delivers with a bursting roster of things to see and do.

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Marvel at Andalusia’s gateway: Malaga


Landscape view of Malaga beach

Rocking BIG, laidback beach day feels alongside cultural captivation and buckets worth of language learning opportunities, it’s Malaga.

Whether you choose the sun drenched Benalmadena, Insta worthy Mijas, sporty checkpoint of La Rosaleda, or the Nerja Caves, you’re just scratching the surface of this abundant city. What’s more, because of it’s central point in the 3 cities locations, Seville’s and Granada’s rich inventory of things to see and do are a coach ride away too.

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When life gives you oranges – visit Seville!


The Cathedral of Seville, with orange trees in the foreground.
Possibly the only thing more abundant than the emblematic ‘Seville Orange’ in this Andalusian city is the juicy amount of cultural hotspots for you and your language class to be awestruck by.

If it’s not the Catedral de Sevilla, it’s the Plaza de Espana. If it’s not La Giralda, it’s Parque Maria Luisa. And if it’s not any of them then it’s definitely the captivating and historic Real Alacazar.

It’s gorgeous. It’s out there. And it’s just waiting for you.

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Did you say flamenco?


Close-up of flamenco dancer

All three sparkle when it comes to the evocative dance: flamenco!

It could be the Sacromonte caves and the thumping moves in Granada. Or it might be Seville’s expressive version in Museo del Baile Flameco. What about Malaga’s phenomenally percussive workshops?

All feed flamenco history and culture, with mesmeric ways for your students to embrace a shining part of Andalusian culture.

Time to cut some shapes!


Fill your boots in Andalusia!

What are you waiting for? The jewels of Southern Spain are just waiting to crave you and your students’ language and cultural itch.

What’s more, we love chatting about all things language. All things culture. And all things that relate to crafting your incredible Andalusian language trip.

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