Journey Through Time at The DDR Museum: A Must for Your Berlin Itinerary!

Last updated: Apr 24th, 2024

A history trip to Berlin effortlessly contrasts a captivatingly complex historical past with an electric modern-day urban energy. From the collection of unique murals detailed on the Berlin Wall remains, to the funky food scene, this city has something for everyone!

And if you’re on the hunt for a history experience that’s immersive, informative, and unforgettable, the DDR Museum is a must for your Berlin itinerary!

This visit offers your students a front row seat into the trials and tribulations of what life was like in The Cold War era through an incredibly immersive exhibition.

Journey through time at the DDR Museum – a must for your Berlin itinerary!


What is the DDR Museum?

The DDR Museum’s permanent exhibition focuses on everyday life in the GDR. As one of the most interactive museums in Berlin, it provides an entertaining yet scientifically founded insight into topics such as childhood, education, work life, consumerism, economy, environment, state security and ideology, to name just a few.

Some of the highlights are the Trabant driving simulator, the lift-installation as well as the fully furnished WBS 70 prefabricated flat.


Step into the Past

From the moment you step into the museum, you’ll feel like you’ve been taken back in time, right into the heart of East Germany during The Cold War.

You can even take a simulated drive in an original Trabant P601 car! This museum has students truly stepping into the stories of East Germany’s past.

Living History

Witness guides, who should be booked in advance with the visitor relations office, also add another layer of depth to the whole experience. Who better to tell the story than those who have lived in that bygone state? They’re there to provide first-hand accounts and explore the lives of those under the government thumb…


Through their most popular educational programmes “Audience with contemporary witness” students get the opportunity to engage in close and meaningful conversations with individuals who lived through this pivotal moment of Germany. Their contemporary witnesses eagerly share their stories and provide insights that go beyond of history books.

Looking Back to Move Forward

With interactive activities that illustrate the layout of East Germany during the Cold War, students can learn about the past government system, its successes and failures, and the diverse ways in which the daily life of the society was organised.

This can help them make informed decisions about current political issues and challenges!

Triumphs and Fates

The DDR Museum conveys a comprehensive picture of the history of the GDR in an outstanding way. Instead of only dealing with the catastrophic events of this historical period, it also juxtaposes these events with cultural, sporting and political highlights.

Even in the most difficult periods of history, there are heroic deeds, compassion and kindness. This all-encompassing approach recognises that it is important to appreciate the positive aspects of history, even as we remember and learn from the mistakes and misfortunes. By looking at history, other countries can learn from mistakes and draw the right conclusions. This can help to create a sense of democracy, unity and identity.

A Fascinating Cold War History Experience

The DDR Museum is all about a hands-on experience with jam-packed historical insights, unique installations and hundreds of objects that bring the past to life. Besides the contemporary witnesses, the DDR Museum also provides ten other educational programmes available in twelve different languages. There are even some questionnaires available to challenge your knowledge after visiting the exhibition.

And in addition to the exciting permanent exhibition, there are two changing special exhibitions on altering topics that often showcase hidden gems from the world’s biggest collection of everyday objects in the GDR.

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