Language Champion Spotlight: Eleanor Harvey ‘Language allows you to form that connection.’

Last updated: Feb 6th, 2024

Stuffed with linguistic talent, here’s our third Language Champion, Senior Concert Tour Consultant, Eleanor Harvey!

Armed with a vibrant language history crossing decades, Eleanor is a prime example of how multi-linguists are intrinsically woven throughout Rayburn House.

A native English speaker who also speaks French, Spanish and German, Eleanor’s language learning journey has helped her to better understand the places and cultures and can be instrumental in helping you get the most out of your tour.


When you understand what’s going on and you can appreciate what somewhere is really like – you get more under the skin of a place. You get a lot more out of it.

Eleanor Harvey
Senior Concert Tour Consultant & Language Champion



May Four Languages Be With You

The development of different tongues begins at school, where Eleanor delved into the romantic tones of French and full-bodied world of Germanic speaking, writing and reading.

Carrying those sharpened skills into her A Levels, the warm, sultry inflections of Spanish were acquired too! University followed with a combined honours in French, German, Spanish, as well as visits to countries speaking those languages – really enriching those dynamic communication channels.


A Linguistic Journey Through Rayburn Tours

Providing Rayburn with 18 years of fantastic and super talented service, like the very concept of multilingualism itself, Eleanor’s history is woven intimately into the fabric of Rayburn.

Turning her hand to a variety of vital roles, her Rayburn tale includes crafting and fine-tuning tailor-made itineraries for countless groups, supporting teams within our HQ whilst in a management role, and assisting many groups as their Tour Manager has given Eleanor the opportunity to showcase the importance of her linguistic skills on the ground.

Currently, Eleanor focuses on youth and adult music tours.


Connecting with the People

The beating heart of creating and bolstering relationships is communication in their native language – which Eleanor sees when communicating with people who don’t usually correspond in any other way than the vernacular of their home country.


Sometimes you’re speaking with priests in France, Spain, Germany – not a tourist destination. You have to put publicity together. You might have to talk about their organ. To do that, you have to speak with someone in their language.

Eleanor Harvey
Senior Concert Tour Consultant & Language Champion


Linguistic savviness helping build your tour!

Why does all Rayburn and Eleanor’s multi-lingual skills matter? Simple. They are the foundation to building relationships and communicating with our vast network of suppliers – the fundamental blocks to creating your unforgettable, lifetime school tour!

Tours are a product of the people who put them together, and your breath-taking experience is the result of co-workers like Eleanor building and nurturing relationships across a variety of cultures and because they can connect with the languages they speak!

Without that linguistic thread sewing the Rayburn tapestry together, it would be extremely challenging to produce your epic school tour.


Language is vital to communicate. Language allows you to form that connection.

Eleanor Harvey
Senior Concert Tour Consultant & Language Champion


Now the Spotlight is on You

Eleanor is a riveting example of how multi-linguists are vital in helping craft your tour. But she’s only the tip of an incredibly multi-faceted iceberg!

Bursting with talented and experienced multi-lingual speakers, readers and writers, whose primary focus is all the aspects of your tour demanding confident communication in a second language, it’s those scintillating skills
that are necessary to crafting your tour.


Language Trips? Yes Please

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