Language Champion Spotlight: Claire Storey ‘It’s more than just the words you speak.’

Last updated: Feb 15th, 2024

Calling all linguists – the Rayburn Tours super language team are here to help craft your tour in more than one language! Talented, experienced, native speakers, multi-lingual, our phenomenal and brilliant team of linguists are something we’re incredibly proud to shout about.

Here’s our first Language Champion spotlight to showcase that talent! Step forward multi-lingual speaker, book translator and RT Product Executive Claire Storey.

Her excellent linguistic history and language proficiency are put under the spotlight! Claire’s role is pivotal in continual product development and enhancement to ensure we’re working with the best suppliers so we can offer a diverse and fulfilling range of accommodation and excursions.

And you’ll see just how incredible her skills are in helping us help you create your unforgettable tour. Take a look!


‘Language is about more than just the words you speak. It’s about understanding the culture and the relationships from that cultural perspective.’

Claire Storey, Product Executive & Language Champion


But First, How did the Love of Language all Begin?

Early tours with the Nottingham Youth Orchestra to Germany and Austria as well as family holidays really helped! French and German at school followed and then that linguistic toolkit was further upgraded when she learnt Spanish in her A levels – where she lived in Mexico for a year as part of an exchange programme.

To strengthen those incredible talents Claire’s next step was studying French, German and Spanish at university, with a focus on German and Spanish from year 2 onwards. Then in 2015 Claire started distant learning with her Masters in Translation. And then she started learning Catalan in the last few years. As multi-lingual skills go, they’re a real blockbuster!


‘I did 6 months in Innsbruck, Austria, for the skiing season and then the summer in Spain. Also worked on the Costa Brava for 3 months as a camp site rep.’

Claire Story, Product Executive & Language Champion

Language Learner. Then a Language Teacher!

Claire Story poses at the YALC conference

Whilst being a full-time mum, Claire’s passion for language shone by studying her Masters. Alongside that, she also tutored budding linguists, both GCSE and adult learners.

Caring Mum. Mature student. And then a talented language teacher.

Those translation skills really become the bedrock of what Claire is now doing, which is a YA novel translator as well as a consistent and constant multi-lingual speaker, writer and reader with Rayburn Tours.

A full throttle and enriching life with a strong language core!

‘I started doing language tuition and it really gave me a sense of identity.’

Claire Storey, Product Executive & Language Champion


Language, the Gift that Keeps on Giving…

Claire’s incredibly passionate to get across the value of language not just as a way of confidently talking with another native speaker, but also how those skills can help you in everyday life!

From understanding other people’s perspectives, appreciating their direction, their way of living and ultimately, showing respect for other people’s culture – linguistic skills give countless transferrable skills.


‘You see the broader context and it shows how people live differently. It opens your eyes and it opens empathy for other people. It’s a respect for other people. And being able to see that from within their language – it removes that barrier.’

Claire Storey, Product Executive & Language Champion


Coming out in April 2024: The Picture Visitors; A Case for the Van Gogh Agency by Christina Wolff, translated by Claire Storey (Arctis Books)

Definitely NOT Lost in Translation

Claire’s language toolkit certainly doesn’t end there! Building on her Masters in Translation, she translates young adult (YA) novels in a variety of languages. Oh, and she also speaks at conventions promoting those very same books (check them out below).

Front, centre, all languages engines are going non-stop!


‘Both are YA novels, one from Austria and translated from German and the other is from Uruguay, translated from Spanish. The Uruguayan author and I both spoke at the Young Adult Literature Convention as part of Comicon.’

Claire Storey, Product Executive & Language Champion


Language Skills to Pay More than the Bills – to Create Your Tour!

Bursting with linguistic talents, it’s clear to see Claire is incredibly gifted and passionate about language and language learning.

But how do her skills help you?

Easy! As a Product Executive her role includes communicating with suppliers, excursions, accommodation and maintaining and developing those relationships so Rayburn are rock solid sure about the integrity, authenticity and value to your trip.


‘From a product side it’s about developing relationships – so much of what we do is about building and maintaining relationships. And if you can do that on their terms…’

Claire Storey, Product Executive & Language Champion


As Claire so eloquently put it, ‘Language is more than just words’, and it takes a talented linguist to understand and truly appreciate the weight of that phrase.

By knowing on a core level the nuances and intricate nature of each language from a cultural perspective, she can communicate with the right words that have the correct meaning and she also deeply gets the RIGHT way of phrasing and delivery.

Essential parts of any lines of communication. Especially when crafting your brilliant and unforgettable tour.

Undeniably Lyrical. Undeniably Valued.

Speaking with Claire about language is utterly and completely inspiring!

Not only is she a super gifted and passionate linguist, but she’s an incredibly friendly and valued member of the Rayburn Tours team.

Like many of our Product, Operations and Sales team members, without her talents it would be truly difficult to create and develop and maintain those international relationships that are the bedrock of any successful and unforgettable tour.

Lets Wax Lyrical about Language!

Claire’s simply outstanding set of abilities and expertise are truly valued within Rayburn House. But get this…She’s only the tip of the linguistic iceberg.

We’re absolutely stuffed with talented and experienced multi-lingual speakers whose primary focus is all the aspects of your tour that demand communication in a second language. And it’s those skills that are fundamental in crafting your international school tour that you won’t forget anytime soon.


Language trips? Yes please!

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