How a School Language Trip Strengthens Linguistic Skills in Just 24 Hours

Last updated: Jun 4th, 2024

As linguists ourselves, we know there’s no better way to strengthen your students’ language skills than immersing them in the city of the language they’re learning.

Whether your school’s second vernacular is in French, German, or Spanish, our school language trips are the perfect place to get them using their linguistic toolkits in real-world scenarios.

This is what a day looks like. Check it out.

Our Multi-Lingual Speakers

What They Say


Being immersed in your second language makes learning it so much easier.

Linguists at Rayburn Tours

Spanish breakfast rolls on a market stall.


Students will come down to breakfast in a new linguistic environment where they passively absorb a sea of overlapping sounds.

They’ll likely recognise words they’ve learnt in class from listening to receptionists, waiters, cooks, and countless numbers of accommodation staff chatting naturally in the native tongue. They’ll read the menu, they’ll scan food labels, and they’ll bite into the culinary culture whilst dipping their toes in classic small talk, like thank you and hello.

This is their introduction to an exciting new place where they’ll be encouraged to use their language skills to listen and communicate, rather than relying on their English.


We recently organised a School Language Trip to Seville where they soaked in the cultural icons of the city, like the Seville Cathedral and the Real Alcazar. It gave students priceless moments to not only develop their passive Spanish but to understand the Sevillian history and its cultural identity.

After all, learning the language is only one step to interacting with a native speaker. Your students will develop their understanding of the complexities of their second language in the nuance of a phrase and the connotation of a sentence, and that’s all built on the cultural insights that can only be picked up when visiting the country.

Students ask for an ice cream at a Sevillian store on their language trip organised by Rayburn Tours.

Lunch & Late Afternoon

After eating, it’s time to fully embrace the day-to-day of the city by walking the streets.

There are signs to absorb; residents chatting away; the hustle and bustle; and the chance to shop for souvenirs where your pupils will speak in a supportive and safe educational environment.

If you pick language tuition alongside your trip, the tutors might organise a treasure hunt across the city. Encouraging your students even more to explore the area whilst engaging with the people and places around them.

Our Multi-Lingual Speakers

What They Say


There’s so much you learn from being in the country and there are thousands of things you can do to enhance your skills.

Linguists at Rayburn Tours


Dinner can be followed by leisure time or taking in more of what the city has to offer, but it gives your students time to take stock and cement the learning of the day.

They’ll have built on classroom learning, tasted new food, and gained a deeper cultural insight, but most importantly, they’ll have a sense of achievement in taking on a new city in their second language.

After all, our tailor-made tours are designed to nurture their skills and give them memories a classroom never could.

School pupils on a school language trip to Spain.

Crafted by Linguists

We intimately know the importance of total immersion in the culture and country of the language your school is learning as our office is packed with talented linguists.

Speaking over 7 different tongues, they’ve pretty much been there and brought the T-shirt in their second, third, or maybe even fourth language!

Organising and tailoring tours to France, Spain and Germany, they are advocates of creating school language tours that give students the same priceless educational opportunities they once had.

School Language Trips

We can tailor your school language trip to a vast array of destinations. So, if you and your students are ready to take your linguistic skills to the next level, call us today.


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