The 75th D-Day anniversary

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings which undoubtedly shaped the modern world. Allied forces from the United Kingdom, America and Canada stormed the beaches of Normandy with no...

Paula Kitching’s new book – Britain’s Jews in the First World War

Historian, writer and battlefield guide for Rayburn Tours, Paula Kitching, has released a new book called Britain’s Jews in the First World War. Paula tells us why it’s so important to tell the...

Berlin in action – an itinerary in a nutshell

At Rayburn Tours, we live to create the ultimate trip. An experience to remember. One that will enhance your students’ understanding of the world around them, support their learning and leave them...

Who to follow on social media in 2019 – Education

The abyss of social media, where do you begin? You create your profile, chose your most flattering profile picture and write a little something about yourself…you’re in! Now you’ve got to...

Don’t miss these top travel picks for 2019

With the return to work and the habitual routine, our ‘new year, new me’ resolutions can all too quickly be forgotten. This year why not make a resolution to stick to, reigniting your enthusiasm,...

A History Trip to Remember – WW1 Battlefields, Medicine & Surgery on the Frontline

Ford’s Theatre – my must see attraction in Washington!

Don’t miss the Statue of Liberty Cruise when in NYC!

A must-see for history students in Washington!

Not to be missed in New York and Washington!

Replica War Cemetery Comes to Cardiff

From the Big Apple to the country’s political powerhouse