Step into the American Story with Washington DC & New York

Last updated: May 29th, 2024

Welcome to America, the land of the free, the land of the brave, and the land of cities bursting with rich experiences and impactful moments for your school and students.

Where else do you find iconic buildings and moments that epitomise a cultural, historical, social, or military period in time? Washington DC & New York are perfect examples of two cities that exemplify the American story, giving your students tales to tell and educational nuggets they can’t find anywhere else.

Surprisingly accessible and brilliantly interactive, should you visit one city alone or include both in your school trip? Let us open the door to two big cities bursting with even bigger adventures.

A photo of the Lincoln Memorial, with the statue of Lincoln at the centre.


Washington DC – the Beating Heart of Politics

The American capital packs a presidential punch in the enticing and educational tales it has to tell from the past and present. Steeped in historical episodes and social movements, the very fabric of this captivating city is simply ripe for your student’s discovery.

Unflinching tales of Civil Rights activism in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture will give your students the opportunity to understand & discuss challenging themes, whilst also showcasing the vibrancy and rich history, art, and people at the centre – a thought-provoking and questioning experience vital for your students learning.

You’ll visit majestic monuments like the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and National Mall, where your students can reflect and probe into the meaning behind the memorials. Also, they’ll explore operational buildings, like the White House, meaning they’ll get up close with not just the politics of yesterday, but the politics of today.

Our trips offer the option to take in the poignancy of Arlington Cemetery, a place showcasing reverence and respect for fallen American soldiers, whilst opening up the discussion for your students about military history.

To get under the skin of Washington DC, we recommend a 5-day tour of this pristine example of American history and culture.

Washington DC


View of the Stature of Liberty and New York.


New York – Bite into the Big Apple

New York embodies modern-day American culture like nowhere else, where you can watch your students embrace a dizzying array of things to see and do, like strolling through Central Park, shopping souvenirs in Macy’s, catching a Broadway show, or tasting an experience like no other in the immersive and cinematic Times Square.

Your school can focus on a city at the centre of international trade, with the city being one of three ‘Command Centres’ for the global economy, and where your students can understand the history of fundamental financial moments, like the economic crash of 2008, with a guided tour of Wall Street.

A Macy’s tour offers an expert-led overview of advertising, whereas Marketing is given a spotlight at Madame Tussauds, giving your class a unique insight into the operation and work practices within a variety of fields.

Interlace those discoveries with a poignant look at historical periods old and new, like the migratory past of Ellis Island, or the modern history of the 9/11 tribute museum, meaning your students can reflect on the challenging and tragic circumstances involved with both.

History seeps from the very pores of NY, with the Irish Hunger Memorial remembering the Irish Potato Famine and another place charged with representing the stimulating and thought-provoking stories of yesterday. The place gives your students even more chances to ask searching questions of the past, and how those circumstances are reflected in the present.

A 5-day tour of this cosmopolitan city is a must.

New York


A split photo of Capitol Hill on the left and the Chrysler Building on the right.

Two City Charm

A two-city school trip gives you and your students a broader and more overarching picture of the American story in two of the most iconic cities on the global scene.

Each city perfectly complements one another, creating a unique educational experience. Mix the National Archives with the UN Building, the pristine Capitol Hill with the contrast of the art deco Chrysler Building, or Ford’s Theatre alongside the Statue of Liberty, both cities are at once intricately intertwined in contrasts and similarities, giving your students a wider scope in their education and experience.

Simply put, offering two cities means a wider appeal and interest for students and their families as it amplifies the value whilst supplying an air of cinema to your school’s curriculum, creating unforgettable moments aplenty. Two big cities mean an even bigger adventure, after all.

Visiting both is best experienced within 6 days , giving you a rich and broad experience of both, with our recommended itinerary including:

New York

Washington DC

Two City Trip


The Alternating Trip

We appreciate a two-city trip might not suit your school, which is why we can offer each city in a separate tour across following years, giving your students more time to soak in the experience.

They can embrace each metropolis with the same energy and willingness to learn, bringing home abundant and enriching experiences they’ll talk about for some time to come.

A History Tour Guide educates students on an educational tour.

History Tour Guides – Highly Recommended

History Tour Guides own an intimate and intricate understanding of the historical periods they’re talking about when it concerns the monuments and museums you’ll visit, with years of imparting their wisdom to schools and students from across the UK.

Transporting your students to that moment in time, they challenge and enlighten in equal measure, telling emotive tales that put a lens on the people, the place, and the historical narrative. Their stock and trade are stories of the past helping the students of today reflect and ponder, giving them the tools to analyse and learn from past mistakes.

In a nutshell, they give a richer and deeper experience to your students.

Immersive American History

Washington DC and New York get to the heart of American life like nowhere else. Iconic, historic, cultural, and socially transcendent – these two powerhouses are packed with thought-provoking tales and educational episodes.

We can tailor-make your school’s American experience to focus on one city or focus on both – the choice is yours. Call us today and let’s start your school and students’ own American story.


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