Blue hydrangeas in foreground with Lagoa Azul & Verde in background

Azores Galore! 12 Excursions Eons in the Making

Bursting with natural beauty and packed with things to see and do, here's 12 of the best excursions to discover in this dishy archipelago.
Lagoa do Fogo on the Azorean island of Sao Miguel, on a clear, bright day, surrounding by lush green vegetation.

The Faces of Sao Miguel: A Geographic Gift

The largest of the 9 Azorean islands, discover an absolute hotbed of geography, activity and spectacular vistas...
Sete Cidades caldera showcasing Lagoa Azul & Lagoa Verde

Sao Miguel’s Sete Cidades: Cataclysmic Forces Creating Beauty

Explore undeniable beauty and geographic education at this breath-taking Azorean stand out.
School group on Sólheimajökull glacier with a mountain backdrop.

Sólheimajökull Glacier Hike: An unbeatable experience!

Stepping foot on to an existing glacier, see geography before your eyes and a real life case study that you will not want to miss!

Journey Through Time at The DDR Museum: A Must for Your Berlin Itinerary!

A history trip to Berlin effortlessly contrasts a captivatingly complex historical past with an electric modern-day urban energy. From the collection of unique murals detailed on the Berlin Wall...
History Tour Guide engages students on a battlefield tour

Helpful & Practical Clothing Tips for Your Students on their First-Time Battlefield Tour

Get your students ready for your upcoming battlefields tour with this easy read handbook on which clothes to take!
Sun sets on an Andalusian coastal white building town

The Jewels of Andalusia: Granada, Malaga & Seville

Southern Spain awaits with gorgeous vistas, captivating landmarks and a whole world full of culture. A perfect setting to bolster your Spanish!
History Tour Guides Trevor Booker and Tony Smith stand either side of Nicola Astle, Rayburn Tours Marketing Manager, and pose for the camera

2 Brilliant Experts Help Us Enhance Your History Tour Even More!

We're not standing still when it comes to refining your trip even more. And with these two History Tour Guides we've hit the jackpot!

Busting the History is ‘Old News’ Myth

History is often mislabelled as a duller subject, or ‘old news’. But history’s relevancy has never been greater, and goes far beyond just names, dates, facts and figures… It’s time to...
Nicky Astle, Rayburn Tours Marketing Manager, sits with History Tour Guides Trevor Booker and Tony Smith before a historic podcast

A Historic Podcast with 2 Excellent History Tour Guides!

It's here! Our FIRST ever podcast. And we made it even more historic by chatting to 2 brilliant History Tour Guides about all things history.
Trevor Booker poses in front of the Reichstag

Trevor Booker: The History Tour Guide Bringing the Past to Life

Really pack in the emotion, education and poignancy with your tour by including an History Tour Guide. Here we showcase one of the best!
History Tour Guide and students hold map of Western Front with Thiepval Memorial

Brilliant Things You Can Do to Enhance Your WW1 & WW2 History Tour

With a helping hand from 2 talented History Tour Guides, we've come up with brilliant things you can do to enhance your WW1 & WW2 History Tour.