Night in a Bedouin Tent in Morocco

Night in a Bedouin Tent in Morocco

Take part in the ultimate sleepover amongst the Saharan sand dunes in a Bedouin-style tent encampment.

Journey to camp by camel, gently trekking through the famous, extensive and luxurious date palmeraies of the Drâa Valley, with their fascinating farming features, crops, techniques and activities. 

The Bedouin camp itself is a tranquil retreat set amongst rolling sand dunes, where the tents and the materials used in their construction and decoration are an exact replica of the original style. Huddle around the campfire, where traditional singing and drumming can be enjoyed in the evening as the sun sets. Each tent is very cosy with real beds and plenty of blankets to wrap up in for the cold night.

Traditional Berber meals are served around low tables in large, communal, carpeted tents, with centrally placed food platters (fingers, of course, are the cutlery!).

With a full stomach, warming campfire, bright stars, sand dunes and a fine group of Moroccans to musically entertain you, this is a truly memorable experience.

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