So much more than just an Educational Trip!

Last updated: Nov 12th, 2021

A school trip does wonders for a student’s understanding and appreciation of a subject. Teachers often tell us how students are so much more engaged with in-classroom learning when they have returned from a trip. But they also tell us of all the other benefits that children reap from these amazing opportunities and experiences.

After two unusual (to say the least!) academic years, these added benefits of a school trip become even more important than ever before.



Face new challenges

Whether it’s simply being away from home, trying a new delicacy or embarking on a challenging hike, overcoming the test will increase self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

Increased sense of Independence and responsibility

After two unusual (to say the least!) academic years, and more time spent at home than any of us are used to, getting them out of their comfort zones encourages independence and a sense of responsibility.



Build relationships with students and teachers

Spending time outside of the classroom (and home for that matter!) allows students to see their peers and you, their teacher, in a new light. Nothing reinforces trust and builds a strong relationship like a trip away from home.



Experience the world

An international trip gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in new cultures and languages.



“These trips are an amazing way for students to immerse themselves in new cultures and gain exposure to different environments. They get to see all that they have learned in the classroom first hand and put their knowledge to the test.”

Guy Boyes