Golden Circle Tour

Golden Circle Tour

Iceland’s Golden Circle includes three of the country’s most iconic sites: Þingvellir National Park, Geysir and Gullfoss. Take a look at what you'll explore during this incredible tour.
Þingvellir National Park

Þingvellir is one of Iceland’s most important geological and historic sites. The Þingvellir area is part of a fissure zone running through Iceland, being situated on the tectonic plate boundaries of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and the faults and fissures of the area show the rifting of the earth’s crust. Its wide rift valley, floored with young lavas, separates the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate and is riddled with many impressive, yawning and gaping fissures, all trending south west to north east.

Walk between the steeply rising fissure walls, revealing layer upon layer of basaltic lava, visit the waterfall at Oxarafoss, gaze across the rift valley to appreciate the reality of plate tectonics at a divergent boundary and discover more about the historical significance at the site of Iceland's first parliament.

Geysir Geothermal Area

The Haukadalur Valley is home to Great Geysir, although having given its name to all of the world's spouting hot springs, it rarely erupts itself these days. The main attraction is the spectacular Strokkur Geyser which erupts every 8-10 minutes.

Minor forms of volcanic extrusive activity are found in this high temperature geothermal area and, in addition to the geyser, examples of fumaroles, bubbling mud puddles and hot springs can be seen.

Geysir is an extremely popular honeypot site for visitors and, as such, is an ideal location to debate the issues associated with a rapidly growing tourist industry.


Just one of Iceland’s many iconic waterfalls, Gullfoss is untouched nature at its best. The powerful, glacially fed Hvita River plummets 32 metres, over two tiers, down into its rugged gorge with walls that reach up to 70 metres high.

Various viewing platforms provide spectacular vistas at any time of the year, but the waterfall is at its best on a sunny day when the spray produces a shimmering rainbow curving over the falls.

Gullfoss is one of Iceland's most popular tourist attractions and may be an interesting case study of the pressure of visitors on the natural environment and the management strategies in place to conserve such sites.

It may be possible to include some additional options into your day as you travel the Golden Circle Route (click to view the visit):

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