Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice

There's all types of volcanoes and glaciers responsible for this amazing landscape's affectionate nickname.

10 Best Ways on How To Prepare for Your Music Tour

Fundraising, early planning and assessing concert tour members are just 3 of the top points in getting your music trip off the ground. You can read the rest here.
8 Infamous Eruptions in Iceland Blog cover

Discover 8 of The Most Infamous Icelandic Eruptions

From outbursts that grounded European travel to eruptions dropping the overall global temperature - your blog takes a look at the fire from the land of fire and ice.

Teaching Resources for Holocaust Memorial Day 2023

The 27th January marks Holocaust Memorial Day 2023 and we've put together useful teaching resources for you to explore.
Music Begins: The Black American Musicians at the Start Poster Collection Collage

Six Ways to Teach 6 Musical Genres

Blues, jazz, soul, R&B, rock and roll and pop are classic musical genres. And here are introductory lessons on an aspect of each for your students.

How We Aim to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

A carbon balanced HQ, emissions labelled tours and collaboration with global green projects are just some of our long-term sustainable goals.
Rayburn Tours Responsible Journey Graphic

Our Responsible Journey So Far

Solar panels, electric vehicles and a reduction in our paper, plastic and water use are a just a few ways we've reduced our carbon footprint.
Rayburn Tours Sustainability

Responsibly Rayburn and Our Sustainable Journey

We don't have all the answers but this is our open letter on what we’ve done, doing and going to do for our planet Earth.
UK Choir Festival

The UK Choir Festival Manchester 2023 is Back!

Your all singing extravaganza is back and better than ever! If you're looking for workshops, renowned choral leaders and inspiring choirs - this is the place to be!
Happy teacher taking a selfie on a ski slope with all of her students

5 School Ski Resorts Great For Easter Skiing

Where are the ideal slopes in spring? You’ll be glad to know we’ve answered that question with 5 school ski resorts great for Easter skiing.

Discover 8 Mesmerising School Geography Trips in the UK

There are some fantastic places to see right on our doorstep! So, discover 8 mesmerising school geography trips in the UK. We’ve got a varied and exciting selection of international tours to...
School Children visiting Thiepval Memorial

Venturing onto the Battlefields with a guide: Impactful, thought-provoking and memorable

'We learned, we changed, and we challenged our own existing thoughts.' History Tour Guides give so much to your tour. Here's a sneak peek into our experience.